African American Kids Dancing

NOLA Cupcakes Girls Club

Building Leaders

For over 15 years, NOLA Cupcakes Girls Club has encouraged young girls and women of all walks of life to take advantage of enrichment programs and opportunities that place special emphasis on spiritual based principles, and personal development through creative expressions, seminars, events, and cooperative learning. The organization reinforces the message that young girls & women of color don’t need to objectify or limit themselves to the common excuses that have caused many to settle and not soar. NOLA Cupcakes Girls Club has boldly taken on the crisis facing young women here in America and has started to change that mentality in New Orleans first, but also spreading the message across the nation. Tancharelle Washington the founder of NOLA Cupcakes Girls Club; developed a unique hands-on approach to help young women understand the need for a positive self-image and strong sense of self-awareness through leadership roles in their own communities.